women + gender

The World of MAGA Thirst Traps — MEL Magazine
Sexy selfies plus AR-15s = the ultimate in Second Amendment propaganda

Don’t ask sex workers to solve the problem of violently angry men — The Outline
Suggesting incels should just pay for sex dehumanizes an already marginalized community.

Asylum seekers are being sexually assaulted in U.S. detention — The Outline
Instead of protecting their detainees, immigration authorities are taking advantage of them.

Women’s work is still work — The Outline
A popular essay on emotional labor missed this point.

“Empowering,” my ass — The Outline
Empowerment feminism is a movement driven primarily by guilt.

No one knows what a feminist is anymore — The Outline
Feminism has become the radical notion that we need to talk about Ivanka Trump’s clothing.

Undocumented, abused, and silenced — The Outline
Victims of domestic violence are suffering in new ways under Trump’s immigration policies.