media criticism

How should the alt-right be covered? — The Outline
Milo Yiannopoulos’s game has been obvious from the beginning. 


Who’s afraid of being called racist? — The Outline
Jonathan Chait accidentally revealed the deepest anxiety of some white Americans: being accused of racism.


Sycophantic journalists and the monsters they love — The Outline
Fawning profiles legitimize the Trump cabal but tell us nothing insightful about their subjects.


Why do liberals love to hate Linda Sarsour? — The Outline
Criticism of the activist is steeped in Islamophobia.


The revolution will not be celebritized — The Outline
Not every piece of culture has to be considered in relation to Trump.


Stop comparing politics to sexual violence — The Outline
Comey isn’t an abuse victim, and Trump is not gaslighting you.

The media is spreading immigration propaganda — The Outline
Local and national outlets alike aren’t putting the necessary legwork into reporting on immigration.