Asylum seekers are being sexually assaulted in U.S. detention — The Outline
Instead of protecting their detainees, immigration authorities are taking advantage of them.

Obama, DACA, and the myth of the “good” immigrant — The Outline
Obama’s defense of DACA is an implicit condemnation of the millions of immigrants who don’t qualify for the program.

Asylum behind bars — The Outline
Asylum seekers come to the U.S. fleeing violence and persecution. Instead, they’re detained for years on end.

Trump may get something better than a wall — The Outline
Democrats aren’t willing to give Trump the wall in exchange for DACA, but they will give him high-tech border security.

Is Trump making MS-13 stronger? — The Outline
Long Island police are happy Trump is taking on the gang, but some residents are worried Trump’s rhetoric will embolden its members.

Thanks to the internet, anyone can impersonate an ICE officer — The Outline
You can buy a counterfeit Immigration and Customs Enforcement badge on eBay for less than $10.

The media is spreading immigration propaganda — The Outline
Local and national outlets alike aren’t putting the necessary legwork into reporting on immigration.

Undocumented, abused, and silenced — The Outline
Victims of domestic violence are suffering in new ways under Trump’s immigration policies.